Incredibly hard to get rid of, bed bug infestations are best left to the professionals. Many DIY treatments can quickly prove themselves hazardous to your health and ineffective altogether. The professionals at Bray's are expertly trained on everything bed bug related from identifying bed bugs to delivering our targeted and proven treatments to eradicate them.

Prior to your service, we’ll provide a detailed checklist to ensure the most effective treatment. Our treatments are thorough: We always start with an extensive inspection to identify at-risk areas, then we treat common hiding places and areas targeted by the inspection. To prevent bed bugs from re-entering your home, we’ll educate you on how bed bugs are brought in and how you can avoid them in the future.

FACT: In the 1940s, bed bugs were nearly eradicated across the United States. However, with increased global travel, complacency and resistance, they’ve come back in full force.

A Bed Bug treatment is for parasites that feed on the blood of humans, animals, and birds. They hide in furniture, upholstery, in your box springs and the seams of your mattress when they’re not feeding. These pests typically feed while you’re sleeping – they’re attracted to the CO2 that you breathe out – because it’s easier to feed when their host is less active. There are a few telltale signs that you have bedbugs: bites and swelling on the skin, plus stains on bedding and nearby walls and trim.


Bed Bug Treatment & Control


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